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Best Games To Boost The Mind Learning Efficiency

Even in today’s tech-driven world, games keep getting backlash. Playing video games is considered to be a practice that wastes one’s time. This perception is however changing gradually since new researches are explaining some great benefits of video gaming, and gaming in general. One cannot deny that video gaming can lead to a lack of productivity in some cases, but if this habit is employed correctly then it can lead to an increase in productivity. If you are a student struggling with online learning then you can get help from online class takers too.

Researchers have discovered that there is a connection between success in video games like Call of Duty and success in real life. People who are good at gaming generally tend to have a better IQ than the ones that are not. It is considered to be a fact that through practice one can significantly improve their learning efficiency. There are various ways one can practice to develop some attributes. Gaming is a great practice option for increasing one’s learning capacity.

In present times students have to work extra hard to find success with their studies. They have to do multiple assignments in a matter of a few days and that is only possible by bringing some smart thinking into the equation. Working hard will not be enough for performing well with studies in today’s time. One has to strategize some great ways that can help them in functioning at the top of their abilities. This means that learning by putting in great effort and time is not enough. One has to learn in a manner that is efficient.

One of the finest ways to learn efficiently is by playing video games in free time. Research backs this approach since video gaming increases the ability for strategic thinking, fast decision making, and intelligence, among other things. All these attributes can help a person in developing learning efficiency. What should be noted is that not all video games can help you in becoming an efficient learner. In fact, there are very few games that have the effectiveness to increase one’s learning ability. Here is a list of games that can make you an efficient learner.

The Sims

The Sims is maybe the most popular strategic life simulation video game of all time. The series is developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The first game of the series was released in the year 2000 and since then four main titles have come out. The series is also a part of a larger extended series so technically the first title was the classic game “SimCity” that was released in 1989.

There have been some brilliant advancement to this video if we compare the 2000 version to the 2014 version. The Sims is a virtual reality game that creates a simulation experience of daily activities. The gamer creates their Sim family, builds a house, and controls their day to day living. Through its very nature of creative houses and strategizing life for the in-game characters, Sims ends up becoming a brilliant option for anyone looking to increase their learning efficiency.

The majority of video games are very loud and are based upon a system of immediate reward systems. The Sims is a rare subtle game that provides time for thinking and decision making. The game can be a slow burn, but once the user immerses into the experience then it totally pays off. If you are looking to play a game that can significantly benefit your learning efficiency then our first pick for you will be The Sims.

Call of Duty/PUBG

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game developed by Activision. The game was first released in 2002 and continues to be one of the leading video franchises in the world. Call of Duty games takes place in diverse backdrops that include Cold War, Futuristic Sci-Fi Worlds, and even World War II. Through their intense gameplay, call of duty keeps the gamers on toes as they immerse themselves into its merciless world.

From a quick glance, one can gauge that games like call of duty can help in fast decision making. This is a well-crafted video game with single-player and multiplayer options. Apart from Call of Duty, there are some other first-person shooter games that have similar benefits. These games include battlefield and the insanely popular game “PUBG”.

All these games have gradual rewarding systems and the players have to function in a smart strategic manner for success. These games can dramatically increase your ability to focus and to learn efficiently.

World of Warcraft

First released in 2004, this game has seen multiple expansion packs and spin-offs that have only helped in keeping the game relevant and popular for its fan base. World of Warcraft is one of the most successful video games of all time. It is played by millions of gamers worldwide that have bestowed their appreciation towards the game and have created a cult status for it.

The game has a massively multiplayer role-playing open world system. According to many credible types of research World of Warcraft can increase social skills among gamers. This has to do with the game’s well-integrated multiplayer online system that promotes connection among the users. The game happens to be an RPG (role-playing game), and this genre by its very nature promotes strategic thinking. World of Warcraft users has to constantly adapt to new challenges and ways of strategizing. The game can be a brilliant way to seek entertainment and learning opportunities for students.

Poker (Video Games)

Due to the similar basic nature of the poker games, we are putting all of them in the same category. There are multiple credible poker video games and some of the most famous ones include Full House Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker and World Championship Poker. Poker has always been attributed as a game that requires great strategic thinking, decision making, and calm temperamental abilities.

The good thing about poker video games is that they cannot cause real-life financial damages that a traditional poker game can cause. These games are simple to play and one can easily join a game or leave a game. The game requires quick decision making and strategizing. Students can find these games immensely helpful for increasing their learning abilities.

Board Games

The whole idea behind utilizing games for a productive outcome like the increase of learning efficiency is so that the person can have fun while learning. What can be a more effective way of fun plus learning than the good old board games? Before the time until video games ended up becoming all the rage, these board games were super popular among friends and families.

Some of the best board games of all time include Chess, Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, and Clue. The new ones that are quite good include Cosmic Encounter, Pandemic Legacy, and Splendor. Playing board games provides the kind of social interaction that is impossible while playing multiplayer video games. These board games are designed in a manner that makes us think hard and to strategize well. If you are looking to increase your learning efficiency through games then we believe that these iconic board games are the best option for you. In case, you need help with regards to your studies then you can avail of the services of online class takers on the internet.

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