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Effective Online Tutoring Tips and Techniques

Online tutoring is tough. After the pandemic hit us, there’s been a massive surge over this occupation. According to resources, the industry grew almost 35 percent and is expected to continue to grow over the upcoming years. If you are an educationist and providing live tutoring services, this is your go-to article. We all know online tutoring is challenging and requires a lot of patience. However, when working rightly, you can make it more fruitful for your students and less demanding for yourself.

Also, working correctly and employing the right tips can aid your students to reach their goals. What else do you think makes a tutor happier?  Absolutely nothing. So, let’s not take some productive tips for granted and see what they are and how we can bring the best out of them.

Be a Good Listener

It is important for an academician to be a good listener. Your students have a lot to say to you and a lot to tell you, make sure you listen to them. We are not unaware of the fact that it can become overwhelming but remember your cause.  

When you are a good listener and pay heed to what your students say, it builds a relationship of trust among both parties. Now, they can easily share with you what is bothering them and what challenges they are facing. This will help you pick the root cause of their behaviors and inefficiency, which along with parents you can work on.

Make a Comfortable Learning Environment

 A comfortable and non-toxic study environment is crucial, especially when it is about online tutoring. Since it is not in-person communication, there is already lacking. Please don’t fuel the fire with biases and favoritism. If you don’t let your other students come up with their ideas or don’t allow them to participate, it is simply unfair. Treat all your students equally.

Students who are victims of favoritism at some point do reach their goals. However, you must not forget that you are ruining their present. Don’t give preference to one student over others. For you, everyone should be equal.

Become Friends with Students

As said above, online tutoring is tough for both students and teachers. Remember, if your students are not Tech-savvy, this model of learning can get extremely challenging for them. Therefore, instead of bashing them because of the weak connections and not so clear voice or video, be understanding. You have to be supportive and assist them in all areas they need your help in.

It is good to create a friendly relationship with your students, so they don’t fear you aimlessly. However, remember your boundaries and ask their students to follow them too.

Provide Solutions Not Services

The motto of a teacher should always be providing solutions and assistance. You have to keep in mind that you are not here to provide any services but you are here to help the students. You never know what career they’ll pursue in the future. Every profession we see today is because of the unending efforts of our teachers. Students play their part too but without a teacher, they can’t ace their goals. So, be there for them, as much as you can.

Instead of being an arrogant teacher who is always after students for not completing their homework, be a humble one. Always stay on your toes to lend your support to the students who need your help.

Make Rules and Follow Them

Rules are not made to break. Whoever says this needs a reality check. Jokes apart, if anyone is not following the online classroom rules, take a bit of strict action. Don’t become harsh but also not very easygoing. T maintain discipline and keep up the decorum, make rules for your online class. Follow them yourself and ask students to do the same.

For Instance, no absents. Take no leave and give no leave unless very important.

Be Patient and Lenient

Your patience is the key to successful online tutoring. There will definitely come times when you will lose your tolerance and want to give up but don’t! Sometimes will be tough but remember that you can do it. If someone is getting on your nerve, talk to the parents or give some punishments. Like deducting marks from their essay or not letting them attend the class for a day or two.  

Ensure Timely Classes

Timely classes are important. Don’t go late to your class. As soon as your time for the zoom meeting begins, join the class. You can keep a grace time for up to ten minutes but please don’t cross that. Also, don’t let your students come late. Though there can be exemptions for genuine reasons but not otherwise.

Track Students’ Progress

Tracking progress in online tutoring is a bit difficult and takes more time. However, can help you analyze what student is doing best and who has no interest. Since parents are expecting you to teach well, it’s crucial to do your job perfectly. Go for monthly assessments and track your students’ progress.

After this, it is also critical to provide real-time feedback, so whatever work is needed, your students can make it.

Recognize Efforts

Who does not like being acknowledged? Absolutely no one. You can recognize the efforts of your best students and appreciate them in front of your whole class. Since it is not physical class, this recognition can go a long way. This way you can also encourage other students to come forward and play their part.

Try to hold healthy competitions and give constructive feedback. You cannot imagine what benefits a big round of applause can bring!


Are you ready to top up your live tutoring services? We wish you all the luck. All these tips will come in handy for you and will help you manage your online tuitions better. So, don’t wait and employ them today. If you have feedback for us, we’ll love to read it! Happy teaching!

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