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How Can Students Become Better Writers?

Want to be a writers? We warmly welcome you to this clan. Being a writer is a blessing. You get to explore so many ways that you otherwise cannot. When I stepped into this field, my only motto was to improve my creative knack but soon I landed a creative writing job. That is the beauty of this skill. It takes you to places you cannot imagine. Also, this skill made me stand tall in my gang. Guess why? I wrote a research publication that was awarded by the VC himself. Interesting, no?

If you are also into writing and want to give a boost to your skills, here we are to assist you! In this article, we have some fail-proof tips that will improve your writing capability and help you draft outstanding pieces. Even if you are a newbie into writing, with these tips you can learn to write from scratch. So, let us begin.

Reading, Reading, and Reading

Reading is the most solid tip when you are interested in writing, the more you will read the better you will write. Whatever genre you are interested in, read documentaries on it. If you are a fan of eBooks, it is the best thing. Every time you have some time left other than your leisure time, invest it in reading books. Underline the new words and write the meanings above. This practice makes you a guru of vocab as you can learn a plethora of new words in very little time.

Also, reading brings the creative person inside you out. When you read, you absorb the formats, the writing styles, tones, and whatnot. All this is beneficial in improving your writing capability and helps elevate your skill.  

Solid Language Grip

No matter what language you want to improve your writing skills in, you must have a strong grip on it. Until you don’t know the main elements and characters of your selected language how can you write artistically in it? To pick this grip, talk to the natives. Communicate with them as much as you can and try to write your content as effortlessly as they speak. Movies with subtitles are a great idea too. However, you must sync with it.

The best idea is to see subtitles for a while and gradually get rid of them. Try to understand what the actors are saying and learn to understand it. The sooner you will get a hold of this practice, the quicker you’ll become an excellent writers.

Freestyle Writing

Try freestyle writing. What you do here is allot yourself a time limit and write until the time is over. In this case, you have no restrictions on what to write and where to write. Just set a stopwatch, for example, three minutes. Now, as soon as the timer begins start your writing. Writers until your timer rings.

For this practice, you don’t have to make a preplan. As soon as you recall doing freewriting. Just do! Doesn’t matter what topic, what structure and what genre. Whatever comes to your mind at that time, just pen down. Also, it doesn’t always have to make sense.

Consistent Writing Routine

Another best thing is to be consistent with your writing practice. It sounds cliché but still, practice makes the man perfect. If you are consistent with your daily drills, you will learn fast. Every day pick out five words and try to incorporate them in as many sentences as you can. Find out synonyms and see how you can align each of them in different sentences. This will add value to your work bank and help you improve your writing.

Learning about Different Niches

Writing on the professional level is technical. If you are willing to enter into the professional writing fraternity, learn about niches. Every niche demands a different style of writing. What tone you can use in lifestyle writings cannot go along with marketing and vice versa. Similar is the case with Health and marketing articles. Every niche you will pick will have different requirements. Therefore, it is good to learn about different niches so you can improve your writing skills to the maximum.

The best way to learn about different niches is through blogs. Blogs hardly take four to five minutes to read. It can be helpful if you read at least five blogs a day. Distribute these niches week-wise. If the first week of the month you are reading about health, select next for marketing.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are fun. When you are done freewriting or working on any blog or article, proofread it. Read your content aloud and see how does it sound. This is one of the best tactics to assess your capability. If your write-up sounds good to you, you are good to go. However, if you think it still needs improvements, it does.

Remember, if your content cannot please you or keep you hooked, it cannot do the same for your audience. Whenever there are improvements required, work on it. Edit your content until it satisfies you. You can also use free tools like Grammarly and small SEO to check your essays. Don’t forget to pay attention to the readability score. The more is the score, the better your write-up will sound.

Feedback from Experts

Since almost every industry has a need for writers, they are not very difficult to find. Take a look around yourself and your circles, you will definitely find one. Take benefit of these people and get your content checked.

After you are done with writing, consult a professional writers and ask them to give your write-up a check. However, we recommend you first read your content thoroughly yourself and eliminate all the prominent errors. Pay attention to the mistakes these writers pluck out from your articles and try to alter them. The more you will be consistent with this practice, the less will be your chances of repeating the same mistakes again and again.


If you have a creative knack, learning writing or working on improving your writing skills won’t be difficult for you. It just requires some strategic work and consistency. That’s it! If like me, you also want to ace your research paper, start working on these tips today. They are worth putting all the effort and the end results will definitely make you happy. So, what are you waiting for? Begin today!

Happy Writing!!

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