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Online Courses That Can Make Summer Breaks Way More Fun

When summer breaks are upon us, we have to opt between two types of actions. Either we can invest the free time that we have productively to become a better version of ourselves or we can waste it. Since you have got some break from university, you might want to consider trying out some online courses. Nowadays, even the regular semesters are taking place online. If you are a student struggling with your classes then simply tell some credible online platform to take my course for me.

We constantly complain about the downsides of technology and all the negative impacts it has brought upon. However one should also look at the constructive facilities that are available on these platforms that can be immensely helpful. In current times you can learn great skills from the comfort of your home through the help of online platforms. There are countless services available online that deliver wonderful services for students. No matter what type of skill you might be looking to acquire, you can find great help from online platforms. Online courses can provide fun and productivity in equal measure for students. Here are some great online courses available online that you should check out.

  1. Language Courses
  2. Technology Certifications
  3. edX Courses
  4. YouTube Tutorials
  5. Alison Courses
  6. Khan Academy
  7. Lynda
  8. Coursera
  9. Skillshare
  10. Udemy

Language Courses

Learning a new language is one of the most productive and fun things that you can do. If you simply end up learning one new language at a basic level during your summer break then we would consider it an accomplished summer break. Learning a new language is like learning a new culture and exposing yourself to new ideas and outlooks. When one starts learning a new language, there are new avenues of opportunities that can open up for that person. Countries like China and Germany offer great benefits (like free enrollment in degree courses) for people who are ready to learn their language.

Technology Certifications

You will be surprised by how beneficial it actually is to try and learn new tech software and skills. You can invest your summer break into learning a new skill with regards to technology. There are some great courses out there that teach how to use soft-wares like Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, programming languages, and much more. Learning designing, programming, or any other type of software will surely make you more employable. You can invest your time in getting some tech-related certification as it will be immensely helpful for you.

edX Courses

You can be quite assured regarding the credibility of a platform when it is created by Harvard and MIT. edX was co-created by these two leading institutions for the benefits of students across the globe. It is an open online course platform that provides great courses for a diverse range of fields. This includes courses of humanities, computer science, engineering, and various other disciplines. You should definitely try out edX’s services if you are looking to get premium quality education online. Secondly, having a certification from MIT and Harvard will only make your resume look better.

YouTube Tutorials

Let’s be honest, YouTube is God’s gift to mankind. If you simply look at the amount of free content that is available on this video platform, you will feel grateful. Just go to YouTube right now and type down any skill you are looking to acquire. You will find countless videos where instructors are sharing their wisdom and techniques with the world for free. People take this wonderful platform for granted. If you can take a break from all the silly videos that you might be watching on YouTube, then you will come across some wonderful free tutorial videos to learn new skills.


Alison Courses

Alison is one of the most popular online learning services in the world. The service has over 14 million learners registered to it. Alison offers around 1500 courses on its platform. You can find the courses of your choice on this wonderful platform with ease. According to some estimates, over 1.5 million people have Alison certification on their resumes. This shows the popularity of this service. People world-over opt for Alison’s services on a regular basis.  You should definitely check this platform out since you might end up finding an online course that offers productivity and fun for you in equal measures.

Khan Academy

Launched in 2008, Khan Academy is a highly successful educational organization functioning online. The service provides short lectures on a wide range of subjects. Khan Academy also offers exercise and course material for learners to grasp the concepts in a more effective manner. The best thing about this service is that it is free to use and learners can join the service from world-over. There is also a kid’s learning service available at Khan Academy.


According to its website, Lynda learning has now become LinkedIn learning. This is a famous platform for online learning that can help everyone from business professionals to students in learning with ease. The service was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 and thus changed the name to LinkedIn learning. This service has been functioning for around 20 years therefore it would not be wrong to describe it as an industry veteran brand. There are various wonderful courses offered by this globally recognized platform. You can benefit from these courses to make your summer break more productive.


A relatively new brand formed in 2012 by computer science experts from Stanford, Coursera has achieved great success in a very little amount of time. Students can learn with regards to a wide range of subjects that include engineering, data sciences, machine learning, business, mathematics, social sciences, biology, marketing, and medicine. With over 47 million users by the end of 2019, this is one of the finest and revered services out there.


Everyone has seen skillshare’s ads. They are one of the most well-marketed online course brands out there. Founded in 2010, skillshare happens to be one of the finest online services out there that serve millions of customers on an annual basis. This brand has been functioning for over ten years. Skillshare is especially a wonderful service for those who are into the arts. The platform offers some wonderful creative courses in design, art, technology, fashions, and whatnot. This brand is particularly good at maintaining the fun quotient through its addictive and lively interface.


Last but not the least, you should definitely check out Udemy’s online learning platform. An American brand, Udemy was formed in 2010 and grew rapidly to achieve great success. More than 50 million students have availed this brand’s services. The platform also has one of the biggest teams of instructors. There are around 57,000 instructors teaching at Udemy. The service is highly flexible since it offers courses in multiple languages.

If you are wondering if someone can take my course for me, then you can find various study help platforms online. We must note that no brand can help you in making summer break productive and fun if you are not ready to make the effort. These brands are only providing you with a platform. It is your own will and effort that can make you invest this time productively.

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