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Online Learning: A Boon or Bane?

Online learning is one of the modern-day facilities that we got out of the digital revolution. People can take all types of courses on the internet. Whether you want to earn a degree, certification, or are interested in practicing your guitar skills, all is possible today through online learning. A student wondering if I can ace my online classes through the internet can also benefit immensely from this platform.

In this time of COVID 19 pandemic, the world is adapting to new systems temporarily. Online learning has become the new normal and its popularity will only increase in the coming times. When times of desperation and extraordinary crisis become history, there are always some people that are able to grow from it and there are the other ones that suffer. We have to try our best to utilize this time in the most positive and constructive way by adapting to the facilities we have. Online learning can be one of those facilities that can take us in the direction of growth.

Every innovation comes with its unique set of pros and cons, and so does online education. In many ways, online learning is a great addition to our lives because everyone gets to have the facility to learn new things from their home. Yet one can come up with various arguments that show that in-class learning has some specific advantages that could not be availed with online learning. For example, distance learning by its very nature lacks the social benefits where one can become friends and form acquaintance more easily. There are many other disadvantages of online learning; however, we feel that the advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

Here are some of the major benefits of embracing online learning:

More Affordable

Finances are crucial for our day to day living and we always have to see if something is benefiting us financially or not. Online education is far more affordable than in-class learning in almost all cases. There are some really expensive online learning courses out there too but those are an exception. The majority of online education opportunities are either available for free or at very affordable price tags. It might have to do with the fact that the majority of these online courses want to enroll a maximum of people and that is only possible when the prices are reasonable.

At the end of the day, it does not matter if an individual’s acquired skill came from in-class learning or online learning. You end up learning some brilliant constructive skills from online courses at highly affordable rates. Even if you end up finding a cheap in-class learning opportunity, the traveling cost and other such costs add up to make it an expensive option of learning. This is not the case with distance learning since you will be learning from the comfort of your home.


Online learning is far more flexible in every way possible. You will find classes of all types of price ranges, subjects, and timing on the internet. Let’s say for example that you can only take the class at night, in case of in-class learning finding a night class can be difficult but you can easily find online classes that suit your time. Similarly, there are far more options in terms of the subject too. Maybe the course of your choice might not be available in the city you live in, but through online learning, you can take classes from anywhere in the world.

This trait of flexibility is a result of the very basic nature of online learning. It is a far more democratic and open system of use in almost every way. You might be living in the UK but can still take online classes being hosted from New York. Also, being present at some specified place is not necessary for online classes. Therefore, online learning options provide great flexibility for a student.

More Accessible

With in-class learning, the study coursework is introduced to you in bits and pieces by the instructor. You have to take all the classes to find complete information regarding the course. However, with online learning, the information is far more accessible. Your teacher will provide you with PDF documents and slides that will offer comprehensive data about the subject. Secondly, students can search for things online simultaneously while taking online courses. You can also record the course with your instructor’s permission for your recollection. There are also multiple other ways that make online learning a very accessible means of learning for you.

Fewer Distractions

Imagine you are going to some institute to take a class. You have to check bus timings, you have to reach the place on time, you have to sit in a class with multiple people and that all can become a distraction. It happens constantly that students become so caught up with the other activities surrounding their institutes that they get distracted from studies.

This will not be the case when you are taking online classes. Online learning options are far easier to focus on. Despite the fact that you are in your private space and it has its own kinds of distractions, they are still far more controllable distractions. You can focus on your education in a far more effective way while taking an online class.

It is safer

We cannot talk about the benefits of online learning without discussing the factors related to COVID-19. We are going through an international crisis right now and nothing is more important than social distancing. It is not just a safety precaution for our own sake but it is also a social responsibility on us. We have to practice distancing. God knows when this pandemic will come to an end but until that happens it is very important that we stay away from attending public gatherings.

The safest option of learning is available online. The online brands of learning have adapted to this crisis in a great way and they are offering discounts and new facilities for students. So, if I had to highlight this major benefit of online classes that they are safer.


As we highlighted, at the starting of this article, we should try our best to use this time of crisis for our growth. Online learning opportunities are available in abundance and one has great options to choose from. If you are a student wondering how I can ace my online classes then there are online facilities available for that too. No matter if you are trying to get some certification, a degree, trying to learn an instrument, or trying to acquire any other skill, you can find help online. The world has become a global village and the credit for that goes to the internet and digital revolution in a humongous way. 

There are great options available online that can help you in becoming more skilled and prepared for the future. You should be utilizing this time in developing valuable skills and that is possible through online learning. Find the right kind of course for you and commit to it in the best way. We promise that you will not regret making this decision. Online learning is a great boon for our society, as is any new innovation if used correctly.

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