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Online Learning – Harmful or a Helpful Thing For Students

As a part of social distancing measures worldwide, academic institutions have adapted to a new system of learning. All regular in-class learning is taking place on online platforms. Online course taking was common before this pandemic period also, but recently there has been a dramatic increase in online class taking. You can also find various platforms on the internet that offer online course help services.

Students across the globe are taking part in online classes for their learning. This is a new system for most of them therefore this is a period of gradual adaptation. We all were so used to regular in-class learning that it might take some time to adapt to this new system.

One of the important arguments that have surfaced in these times has to do with the benefits and drawbacks of online learning. Whenever there is a new facility available for us, we naturally end up discussing its benefits and drawbacks. It is our way of introspecting. We feel that despite all its drawbacks, online learning is far more helpful than it is harmful. Here are some points regarding what makes online learning so helpful.

1.     More Affordable

Online learning options are far more affordable than regular in-class learning options. Some of the best online learning services provide prestigious and credible certification as regular in-class options. Although, the difference is quite obvious when it comes to the pricing since online classes are far more affordable than regular classes.

In case you are someone who only wants to learn the skills without getting the degree certificate then you can find free online learning options too. In any case, you will find super cheap learning options once you start looking at the finest online services there are.

2.     More Options

In-class learning options are far more limited for students in comparison to online options. There might not be any credible degree providing institutes for your subject of interest in the city you live at.  In complete contrast, you will always find your desired subject of learning available on some online platforms.

You might be living in Germany; still, you can take part in a course being taught from the UK through an online learning facility. Similarly, you can find courses that match your preferred time to study too. Due to multiple reasons, online learning provides far more options than regular learning.

3.      Accessibility   

With regular in-class learning, you have to take the class by being physically present at a specified place. This makes accessibility for these courses to be extremely limited. Online learning is far more accessible than any other mode of learning. You can study your desired course of choice on your phone, or personal computer. You can be sitting in your bedroom, you might be at a friend’s place or you might be commuting somewhere. It is still possible to access your online class to participate in it. Online learning is far more accessible than any other learning option.

4.     Self-motivation

Self-motivation is a highly effective personality attribute that everyone should possess. When you are taking regular classes at some institution, you can find motivation through your teacher or colleagues. In the case of online learning, you have to self-motivate yourself since no one will put a gun on your head (figuratively) to study. No one cares if you leave the class or are absent from the class. Therefore in some way, online courses end up providing students with an opportunity to become more self-motivated.

5.     Comfortable learning

No matter how brilliant your teachers or colleagues might be, being in the classroom can never be as comfortable as being at your home. There is no substitute for comfort than your very own private space. With online learning, it is possible to take your class from home and that is a great advantage.


6.     No commuting

Commuting takes time. Students have to take some time-consuming preparations when getting ready for a regular type of class. You have to dress up in a very presentable fashion, and then you have to commute from one place to another. All that time that goes into commuting and preparing for the commute can become vacant through online class options. You simply have to make sure that you are in a silent room and you can take part in an online learning class.

7.     Easier Time Management

As we mentioned in the last point, no need for commuting instantly saves so much time for students. Similarly, there are multiple other aspects with regard to regular classes that make them very time-consuming. For example, there are after class activities that can also take up a lot of your time. With online learning, all that time can be saved and can be invested in more productive endeavors.

8.     Easier attendance

This is one is simple to understand, it is easier to attend a class when it can be taken literally in bed. Attendance is a major concern for students that participate in in-class learning. When it comes to online classes that is never a problem since you can easily attend the class without any hassle.

Students end up missing their classes for various reasons. For example, let’s say that you are sick and there is a crucial lecture about to take place. You have no choice but to leave the lecture since you cannot commute and sit in a public place when you have a fever. With online class learning, you can take the class with ease when you have a fever. Therefore, the fear of missing the class is completely out of the equation since online classes are easy to attend.

9.     Easier to manage with job

The majority of students have part-time and in some cases full-time jobs. Managing studies and jobs simultaneously can become quite taxing for students. There are various things to take care of all times and life ends up becoming a hectic juggling act for students. Commuting, finding time, enthusiasm and various other aspects can become impossible to manage.

With online class learning, it is far easier to work and study simultaneously with ease. Online learning is relatively flexible, accessible, and less time-consuming. This provides students with the time required to manage work and study with ease.

10.  Study while practicing social distancing

One cannot discuss the benefits of online learning while ignoring the factor of social distancing. COVID-19 has become a global pandemic and international health systems are still struggling to find a cure for it. It is our responsibility to practice social distancing for our personal safety and as well as for societal safety. In-class learning is not an option that one should go for in current times since it can be dangerous.

The online learning system through the very nature of its functioning is safer in this pandemic situation. You can continue with your class learning through this system while maintaining social distancing. There are various online course help services that can provide outstanding assistance for students struggling with their online classes. Online learning is by all means helpful since we can continue with our studies despite current situations of international crisis. It is a great system of studying that provides learning facilities of outstanding quality.

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