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Tips for Students to Turn Stress into Positive Energy

A lot of times people undermine the struggles that a student might go through on a daily basis. Students have a lot of problems to deal with on a regular basis. Along with the studies, the majority of students have to work part-time or full time to earn enough for their rents. If you are a student wondering if someone can take my online classes for me, then you can seek help from platforms available online.

It is natural for students to get stressed when there is so much that they have to deal with on a regular basis. There are two main reasons for the stress that students have to go through. Firstly, the institutions are not that considerate and want their submissions on time by all means. Secondly, students are generally young, so they lack the maturity and experience to deal with stressful situations. It is completely normal to feel stressed out as a student. Since you do not have enough life experiences, and with time your ability to cope with stress will naturally get better. Here are some tips for anyone struggling with a stressful situation and wants to turn their stress into positive energy.

  1. Slow Down
  2. Do Not Force Positive Energy
  3. Meet Your Friends
  4. Get Advice
  5. Meditate
  6. Exercise
  7. Remind Yourself of The Why
  8. Strategize and Schedule
  9. Just Do It
  10. Filter Out The Criticism

Slow Down

A lot of times when people are stressed, they do not realize that they are doing too much stuff at once. They are overusing their energy since they are not in a calm state of being. The first thing that you should be doing as a student is to take a break from everything. Slowing down in all ways will by all means trigger down the stress that you might be feeling. Since a lot of stress has to do with the physical aspect of things. Just calm down and relax a bit and you will soon have a more grounded view of things.

Do Not Force Positive Energy

There is a reason why positivity or self-help videos are so popular on YouTube. People have started doing businesses out of selling an idea of positivity which is too simplistic and fantastical. As a result, students of an impressionable age tend to look at those videos and they start craving for positive energy. The fact is that the more you try to feel positive, the more negative you will end up feeling. Positivity is not some material thing that you can attain and this desperate wanting-attitude is only going to trigger opposite effects.

Meet Your Friends

When we use friends, we do not mean the people you mostly hang around with. Friends mean people you can rely upon and people who want to see you grow as an individual. Let’s face very few of us have many friends. There are only two or three of those rare people out there that genuinely want good things to happen for you. You should seek out their company. Your friends will help you calm down and you will immediately feel a burst of positive energy.

Get Advice

A lot of times people are reluctant to get advice. They will ask Google for help all the time, but they will not meet someone who is willing to listen to them and actually provide some personalized advice. People actually seeking advice from other people is getting too rare in current times. It is understandable since seeking advice requires one to get vulnerable in an absolute way and people find opening up quite hard, sadly. We would advise that instead of seeking help online, you should meet someone credible face to face and pour your heart out to them. The person can be anyone they can be a friend or even a counselor.



This practice of slowing down and witnessing your breathing patterns was first introduced in the eastern world and soon found popularity across the globe. There is a reason why meditation is such a popular practice, it does work. Although, it must be noted that there are countless versions of meditation out there in the world today and the majority of those ways are simply hogwash. You should seek out meditation techniques from credible individuals with authentic mastery of the craft. The right kind of meditating practice can be extremely beneficial.


It is a scientifically proven fact that exercising is a great way of dealing with stress. When you exercise your heart rate increases and the body releases serotonin (which is also known as “the happy chemical”). This release of serotonin immediately lifts off the mood and makes you happier. Therefore, the right dose of exercise is the finest and most natural way of replacing stress with positive energy. When it comes to the specificities of exercising, then the simplest of cardiovascular exercising can also work. You do not have to necessarily go to the gym and lift those heavy barbells. A simple jog in the park or on the treadmill will just do fine.

Remind Yourself of The Why

There is a famous quote that circulates on the internet. It is not a cliché as most of the quotes are. The quote is by Nietzsche, he said “He who has a why to live can bear almost anyhow.” Whenever you are going through stressful situations/times, simply remind yourself of the reason why you are doing the thing that is causing you trouble. This will immediately take you to the basics and remind you of the root cause of the action. A lot of times we are stressed out because we steer away from our real purpose and that is never good. Once reminded of the way, you will find rejuvenated motivation levels.

Strategize and Schedule

Time management is not just a quality in a person, it is a necessity which we have to bring into our lives. The person who manages the time will always be able to cope with chaos in the best way possible. People who are not planning their days end up wasting a lot of it. This leads to work staying undone and that triggers stress when all the work piles up before the deadline. It is a fact that a large number of students are simply careless and ignorant regarding the scheduling of their time. Plan your day in advance and you will find a way to eradicate stress in the long run.

Just Do It

Nike made this line its staple for marketing and it went viral almost immediately. This happened because this quote is just so true, it is simple and layered. A lot of times, we feel stressed out because we are trying to be perfect. This desire to be perfect makes us reluctant to act since perfection is impossible to attain. When you have the attitude of simply doing things instead of doing them perfectly then it will instantly become easier to act. Thus, stress will minimize and you will end up having a positive attitude.

Filter Out The Criticism

Taking criticism from people is good but let’s face it, not everyone knows what they are talking about. In fact, very few rare individuals have the credibility to conduct the act of criticism. So when you do things and people have their opinions about it, then only focus on the criticism that is coming from credible sources and filter out the rest of it. Good criticism will always be constructive and you should embrace that.

If you are finding it difficult to manage your study-related responsibilities on your own then you can get help from any take my online classes services available on the internet. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can surely turn your stress into positive energy.

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