What are the 7 Habits of Highly Effective students?

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What are the 7 Habits of Highly Effective students?

The life of students is not a piece of cake, instead, it is a roller coaster ride. Not every student becomes a successful one after passing through the same roller coaster ride. Have you ever thought that among hundreds of students in a class why only one secures the 1st position or why only a few of them are successful in their professional lives? Well, the answer is very simple, the adaptation of effective habits.

Such successful students are highly effective that leads them to the path of success and glory. To this, you must be thinking about who are highly effective students or what do they look like? Well, they aren’t ALIENS! However, this question was answered by Sean Covey many years back in his famous book “7 habits of highly effective students”. DON’T BE AFRAID, YOU DON’T NEED TO READ THE ENTIRE BOOK! Because we have done this for you.

In this article, we will explain to you the 7 habits of highly effective students which will lead you to the path of success. After reading this article you won’t be asking others to take my online class for meinstead, you will be acing your classes successfully.

7 Habits of Highly Effective students

Want to become a successful person like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, or Steve Jobs? Follow the seven simple habits of highly effective students and achieve your future goals.

Habit # 1: Be Responsible

The first habit of highly effective students is that they are proactive. It means that they take responsibility for their life. They feel accountable for making up their career and responsibly handle their situations. Such highly effective students do not blame their circumstances or situation for their failures or ups and downs. Instead, they feel responsible for their failures, analyze their mistakes, and rectify them for their improvement. Unlike reactive people who are easily affected by their environment. For example, if the weather is good, they will be having a good day but if it is worse than it will destroy their mood and will affect their performance. As a result, they will blame the weather for their bad day or weak performance.

Try to be proactive if you want to put yourself on the list of highly effective students. Be responsible for your actions and change them according to the circumstances. 

Habit # 2: Create Your Roadmap

Another habit of successful students is that they create their career plans. Planning is very important in every field of life. With a plan, you cannot win anything in life because without a plan you are like lost in a jungle. However, you cannot create a plan without setting your goals or without having a clear vision. First of all, you need to be clear about what is your goal, what is your or where do you want to see yourself in the future? You should have a clear vision in your mind because of this basic foundation before creating any plan. Be clear with your mind and make your goals.

Once you identify your goals then create your road map to achieve your goals. Remember never exactly copy others’ plans for your goals. Maybe that plan worked out for that person but it might not for you. It is very important to create a plan that suits your goals and interests and matches your skills. Highly effective students create their roadmap by analyzing their success factors.

Habit # 3: Prioritize Your Things

Thirdly, if you want to be successful just like highly effective students, you need to learn to prioritize your things. You need to figure out which things are very important for you and which are least important. Prioritizing the things will help you to know which things you should do first or which things you need to focus on.

This technique helps you to manage up your tasks easily and helps you to maintain your focus. Thus, live your life by focusing on the things that matter to you the most.

Habit # 4: Create a Win-Win Situation 

What does creating a win-win situation mean? A win-win situation is not being about nice or it is not any magic trick. Despite this, it is linked with the human character and collaboration with others. Highly effective students work with their felloes and colleagues together. They create a bond and learn something from others, share their knowledge and appreciate each other’s hard work. This collaboration and effective working are known as creating a win-win situation for Sean Covey in his book.

Generally, students compare themselves to others, as a result, some get jealous, some go into depression because of complexity or some give up in the race of success. Therefore, never compare yourself with others. You are perfect and the best version of yourself. Appreciate others, make bonds and learn to grow by working effectively with others to drive optimum results.

Habit # 5: Listen and Observe 

No doubt that communication is the key to success. From childhood, we are trained with speaking and writing skills to enhance our communication power. However, along with writing and speaking, the listening skill must also be improved. The more you will listen and observe things, the more you will be able to learn and grasp things in a better way. It has been scientifically proven that the most successful and intelligent people are those who are active listeners. Thus, we recommend you to be an active listener and grasp whatever you hear well from anywhere because it is definitely going to help you in your life.

Habit # 6: Create Synergy

Another habit observed in highly effective students is that they create synergies. What is synergy? It is an act of collaboration and creating a bond with others. You should be open to work in a team or with others because it helps you to learn and grow. For example, a game of football, cricket volleyball, etc. cannot be win alone. It requires a team to create synergy in order to win.

Similarly, to succeed in your life and if you want to make your career, you need to synergize with others. This will foster your teamwork and leadership skills. Work effectively with others, appreciate people around you, value them and drive successful results.

Habit # 7: Renew Yourself

Lastly, you should renew yourself from time to time. We, humans, easily get exhausted with our daily routine and need some change to perform better in our lives. You should give yourself a break from your daily life to time to freshen up your mind and increase your energy level. Doing this will help you in performing better in your academic life.

Highly effective students not only renew themselves by taking some holiday but renew their personality by learning some skills and groom themselves according to the world trends. This helps them to shape up their profile that is demanded in this competitive world.

These are the seven habits of highly effective students. If you adopt these habits you can be successful in life. So stop asking others to take my online class for me and become an effective student. Do not wait and act now!

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