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what are the challenges of book publishing

Publishing the book is difficult. I can feel what you go through when you are all set to publish your book but have to take a step back. All those planning of bringing out new editions, sequels, etc. go in wane with this one step. If you are a new writer and first time publishing a book, this can result in you losing your hopes and getting demotivated. However, don’t you think it’s good to look for the reasons that can become a hurdle in your book publication and try to alter them there only? The early you can eliminate these hurdles, do! This will save a lot of your time, energy, and money. Also, efforts.

Following this article, you will find six major challenges that are the biggest obstacles on the way to publishing a book. Once overcome, you cannot only publish your book but also bring as many sequels as you want. So, let’s begin to see what these barriers are!


Audiobooks have changed the learning practices of millions today. Since they are handier and one can multitask with them, they are in a great surge. Readers today are drifting to audiobooks as it helps them perform their important tasks and listen to the book at the same time.

If the book you are planning to launch is in textual form, you might be missing a great audience as everyone today has shifted to online books. However, you can still turn your textual book into an audiobook and give a debut. Though it will be expensive and can take relatable high time, it’s worth giving a go.

To save some expenses, you can also narrate your story yourself or choose a friend. This trick is not hard nor takes a lot of your time. Try to use GarageBand for your audiobooks, you won’t regret this decision.

Fake Customer Testimonial

Word of mouth has gained significant importance over the last few years. Readers today first look at the reviews about the author before they invest their time and money in a book. Of course, tell us about yourself? Would you like to read a book that is just bogus in the end? No, no one would. However, the problem arises when people write fake reviews to surpass another author.

These people add fake reviews and turn the face of the market towards them. This practice has been a threat since the beginning but the social media race has made it more prominent.

The shift in reading habits

We don’t see many people reading books now. Earlier while traveling, we used to see a number of people reading books on trains and airplanes. Now, the times have shifted. People today like to read blogs and website articles content more. If they are not into reading, videos and games offer no less harm. All of them together have decreased the worth of books and we see a great decline in the upcoming years as well. The number of time students spent reading their notes and textbooks has also made them book-fatigued. This is the reason students run away from reading textual books today. Regardless of how exciting the topic is.

Growing Competition

Competition is high and the competitors are increasing every day, making it difficult for authors to stay in the industry for a longer time. Though the content is also coming out outstanding, still we see many good authors stepping down from their publication process. The famous ones fear the decline and the new writers often think they cannot beat the old ones.

This has made book publication tough. However, the only thing we can see working today is exceptional content, excellent tone, and easy to comprehend format. If your book has all these qualities, fewer are the chances you will fail to impress your readers.

Looks and Illustrations

The idiom, “never judge a book by its cover” is only friends with a few. Many still buy a book looking at its cover and the illustration it has rather than focusing on the content. We know artworks are important but not everywhere. If you are writing a book that can have some room for graphics and images, go for it. The books that have zero artwork find it really challenging to come up in the market. Make sure your book is not from them.

High Rates

The huge rates of the publication process and the high pricing of books have made it challenging to bring potential clients. When no clients, means no funds, and no funds mean zero compromises on the costing of the book. Readers today want to buy books staying within their budget but since it is the chain going on, concessions are not possible.

Therefore, it is important to find a middle ground where readers, as well as authors, can enjoy all their perks. If you ask about me, I am still an old soul who loves reading from printed books. I will still pay money to the store and get my pile of books. Being an author, if you can make deals with publishers and lower your book price, try that! It is a big barrier that you can burn.


So, my friend! What do you think? Can you get rid of these hurdles? I believe you can. We know book publication is challenging, and a lot needs to go in but it is not impossible. An episode of hard work and you eliminate almost all of it!

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